Face shields

In the world of COVID-19, there are many types of face coverings that you can choose from in order to protect from getting infected. There are also many debates that you can find about which one is best and what someone should be wearing. A face shield is one option and many professions such as dentists, cosmetologists, lab researches, food service, and nail salons prefer them over just a mask as they provide better protection against any splashes.

We offer two kinds of face shields, and are one of the only ones that offer the type of shield called face shield glasses. Face shield glasses have been noted to be more comfortable and more stylish than the normal face shield.

Check both styles out below and see which one makes the most sense for you and your company.

face shield glasses

Face Shield Glasses

  • Smart Design: The raised design on the nasal bridge part holds shield away from the face, allowing room for most glasses.

  • Fully Transparent Face and Eye Protection

  • Full Face Protection: Offers 180 degree protection from saliva or any other unwanted droplets

  • Anti-Fog: The material and open space at top prevents fog from forming which allows for maximum visibility

  • Made of High quality PC (Polycarbonate) and APET (Amorphous Polyethylene Terephthalate) material.

  • Comes with comfort fit acrylic glasses that can fit over most eyeglasses

  • Long Lasting- Cleanable and Replaceable shields

face shield with band

Reusable Face Shield with Headband

  • Anti-splash Clear Visor

  • Transparent Eye & Face protector

  • Anti-fog Visor (0.016” PETG)

  • Molded polypropylene headband


Please provide us as much detail as possible so we can meet your needs appropriately.

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